If Trumpism has served no other purpose, it has proved definitively human beings would rather die than change their minds, and once a demographic gets heading in one direction, much must happen to redirect. 

The Plague taught us many lessons, some unlearned, and some of those lessons were taken to heart by people who are intelligent and educated enough to realize there is no pathogen out there so scary that people won’t kill and die to keep from modifying their behavior in the slightest ways. 

If the Plague was actually some man made virus unleashed to test our response, no one alive can say we did anything but failed, or in the case that someone was looking to destroy the population of humans down to a safe level, it was a roaring success. 

The lethality of COVID was about 1%. If it mutates to a more deadly form, let’s say 10%, then we can look for somewhere around ten million deaths in the US alone. But if virus mutates to the point of Ebola, then we’re talking about many times that number. 

The great thing about high kill viruses is they usually burn out fast because they kill off their hosts so quickly. 

But in a crowded environment where the victims willingly spread the disease and do not care who or how many they infect, and they take no precautions whatsoever to prevent spreading the disease, there would be a much higher death toll.

If you think for a moment, there isn’t a person out there, or a group of people out there, who aren’t thinking about how to lower the human population in the name of saving the planet from certain destruction, and those people would not use a virus to get the job done, you either have a greater faith in human beings than is sensible, or you have no idea how dire the situation has become in regard to what shape the planet is in. 

Clearly, human beings will take a path of certain destruction rather than suffer any discomfort in the short run. It is insane to think no one is going to try to stop this, by any means available. 

Take Care,


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