“No one wants another lockdown,” is what I keep hearing people say, as well as “We can’t stay locked down forever” as if what people want, and how long it takes, is something where personal opinion means anything at all. Social media has trained us all to be squalling infants, where the loudest, shrillest, and most ceaseless voice is the one in the room who gets the most attention. I have some news for you people: The Plague does not care. 

Politics drove Gov. Brian Kemp to open Georgia up, to lie about how bad it was, and to ignore how bad it’s getting, and he’s still doing it, even as people die. That’s also happening in Florida, Texas, Arizona, and more and more other states, as the economy, a political entity, gets preference over saving lives.

In countries where all lives matter, like Germany, New Zealand, Italy, and most other places where the virus is on its way down, the government and the people are working together as a team to quell the outbreak and to help keep one another safe. In America, it’s all about personal freedom and getting your hair and nails done. 

It took years to get people to stop smoking in public buildings. Some people were just simply going to smoke because “I have a right to smoke” but eventually, most of them gave up trying to force themselves on other people, or cancer got them. The problem with trying to wait those people out now is they’re capable of infecting many other people each day. 

The Plague has revealed a stunning flaw in American culture, actually it’s revealed two, but they are very closely related. The first is middle America is closer to the brink of poverty than anyone imagined. Three months of lockdown and we lose the middle class. Think about that for a moment. If there was some terrible natural disaster, like a plague, and America was forced into isolation for three months, people would starve, lose their homes, lose their jobs, and they would become homeless. Or the government could stop throwing taxpayer dollars at airlines who are laying people off, and help the taxpayers. We’re willing to give money away to corporate giants but not people.

The next surprise is how little America care about their children. Sandy Hook and the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting taught is that Americans care more about their guns than their kids, but the Corona Plague has taught us people are willing to, dying to in fact, send their children to schools, without any guarantee of their safety, just so the parents can go back to work. 

American Public schools have been transformed into socialized daycare. 

That actually explains every bit of this, if you think about it. Americans, for many years, have told teachers to pass their kids, just don’t bother me after work about it, and don’t expect me to talk to you about my kids’ grades, and just pass the damn kid, and leave me alone. So kids have been in day care, not an environment they could learn. What they did learn was work was more important than family. 

The utter failure of our leaders to lead is not an accident. They know damn well American are dying to get their nails done, to go out and drink and eat to excess, and will toss their children in front of bullets at school to make a political statement. We wonder why factory farms work, why animals can be trained to just eat, sleep, and then be killed, we wonder how this works, but we fail to see that it has worked very well on us. We live to work. We exist to provide money to CEOs, and there is nothing more important in our lives than to consume products that we are told to consume.

The leadership of this country will teach us the young and the old are expendable. Our children can be murdered, and our grandparents can sicken and die. The one true love and fealty of our lives is to work. We must pay taxes to the CEOs. There are no other considerations. 

Take Care,


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